Interior Design

We love a breakfast nook's the perfect place to start (and share) the day!

We design kitchen nooks to help break up a very large kitchen living area and to create an area that offered a feeling of intimacy in such a big space.

Knock Knock, who's there? Nooks inviting conviviality into our homes

This light filled nook adjacent to the kitchen is the ideal space to begin your day! Dimmable light fixtures and throw pillows will help to create a cozy ambiance.

Designing a banquette isn’t about furniture alone. We usually build up layers of texture and colour using art, accessories, and low-slung lighting. Allow 70-80cm between the table and the pendant light to avoid obstructing sigh lines. Comfortable cushions with contrasting trims can pick out colour from the prints above and coordinate with the kitchen. All these elements combine to make the space more inviting and feel like a cohesive part of the room. 
For smaller spaces, a rectangular nook adjacent to a kitchen bar is the way to go!  
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