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10 Years of Salvesen Graham

A Letter from Mary and Nicole

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As we sit down to write this newsletter, we’re feeling very grateful to have had ten fantastic years of business. We began Salvesen Graham in 2013 after two separate but successful careers in the industry but came together because we wanted to do something different. Although, of course, the brand was born out of a passion for creating beautiful interiors, at the time it didn’t feel like anyone was combining that creativity with professional business acumen. Being the practical and pragmatic pair that we are, this was something we felt strongly we could do well!
Looking at the landscape around us now, that idea doesn’t feel all too unusual, but at the time, having an interiors business that was structured and felt very purposeful was quite a new approach. It goes without saying, that a huge part of the reason it worked was because of the support system we provided for each other over the years. Working together and having that other person by our side to support and challenge has been instrumental in allowing us to grow as a brand and as a business.
Of course, naturally our style has evolved over the years but for us, every evolution has been a chance to redefine who we are and what makes our style unique. It’s fair to say that we’ve also influenced each other along the way; in fact, the fusion of our ideas is what creates that eclectic, layered and multi-dimensional feel that we’re known for. Outside of the partnership, we’ve been lucky enough to work on many projects, here and across the globe that have contributed to where we are today and who we are as a brand.
We both remember fondly a trip to Charleston, South Carolina as a bit of a turning point for us; not only did it signify being able to push the boundaries of what we’d been doing up until that point, but it was a hugely freeing moment both mentally and creatively, allowing ourselves time and space to be inspired and hone to our focus. It was also a huge moment for us in terms of expanding our global reach, which we’re so lucky to have.
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Looking ahead to the future, we have many exciting things on the horizon, including the global expansion of our product collection. It epitomises our Future Heritage approach, the idea that our spaces and schemes have to work well now and in the future. And, looking ahead to the future, that’s ultimately what we want our legacy to be; to be remembered, recognised and referenced by future designers as a team who worked hard to create a celebrated design aesthetic. That said, we’re so lucky to love what we do, a legacy would just be a bonus!
Finally, we’d like to say a big thanks on our birthday to our brilliant, talented team, past and present, our trusted trades and the wonderful clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years.
Here’s to the next ten.
Mary & Nicole x