Wax Atelier For Salvesen Graham

Wax Atelier For Salvesen Graham

Wax Atelier for Salvesen Graham

We are thrilled to share our collaboration with Wax Atelier to create our exclusive collection of Candle Bouquets using all natural materials, handmade and gift wrapped in our Floral Trail Wallpaper in London, England

Always searching for the perfect candles, Mary and Nicole collaborated with British candle artisans Wax Atelier to create exclusive Candle Bouquets that capture the joyful personalities of each of our Floral Trail designs.

Wax Atelier uses traditional techniques and natural materials using pure beeswax, natural cotton wicks and plant waxes to create our sustainable and elegant candles.

When designing the collection, we looked to create the perfect hostess gift that is a witty alternative to a bunch of flowers or the joyful finishing touch to your interiors.